Ciao! I’m Francesca

Intimate Italian Wedding and Elopement Photographer!
At our wedding my husband described me like this: “If I take you to somewhere famous like a big building or ancient ruin and you see a butterfly flying, you ignore everything and look at the butterfly”.
“It’s hilarious,” I thought…but completely True.

I believe beauty lies in the small things and that People, Family, Friends are the most precious things in life,  I love to capture that special and sometimes invisible connection that keeps us together! I have a personal approach because I don’t believe in fake memories, life happens in moments and you can not stop or pause it.

I’ve worked for many years as a Tour Manager, and that job taught me how to be self-confident and handle any kind of situation with a smile.
My greatest passion after photography is traveling, I’m very interested and curious to know different cultures and people, this is the reason why I studied languages at university (I speak Spanish and English!).

Things I Love:

  • Travel to a new country every year with my husband
  • Dark chocolate, ice-cream and pizza
  • I collect earrings, the more unique the better!

If you love to laugh, meet new people, travel and treasure memories above any other thing, then we already have a lot in common!
I’m looking forward to hearing your story!