Danielle and Theodore had their destination wedding in Tivoli, a town near Rome famous for its historical villas and beautiful landscape, including an incredible waterfall! This Norwegian couple had their wedding in an old monastery. The weather has not been on our side in the morning, but rain did not stop us from celebrating, moreover since we had to stay inside I had to chance to take some shots with a “Caravaggio light” coming from the windows! Adapting to different situations and making the best out of them can be challenging but it also gives you interesting photos! When rain stopped the catering team could re-arrange everything outside, and we took advantage of the empty rooms to take some couple shots inside to later continue in the terrace overviewing the waterfall.
Dinner under the stars was something magical and it was accompanied by many speeches and singing and playing by his family and friends! I honestly could not understand much (most of the speeches were in Norwegian) but from the laughs and tears I can say they were beautiful : )
Cake was supposed to be served at sunset, but once again, because of rain everything was postponed so it was night already! Because there was not much artificial light, a lot of their guests started to use their mobile phones to light things around and once again the unexpected created an interesting atmosphere (and photos). This weddings gave me two big lessons, first: you don’t need to speak a language to understand emotions, for those there’s a universal language made of smiles, tears and much more. Second: when you think rain is going to ruin your wedding, think twice, it will very likely give you an incredible sunset and photos that you didn’t think about!

Venue: Tivoli
Catering: Tuttigusti Catering