Not far from Venice, there’s a wonderful town with an enchanting Castle, no this is not a fairytale, it’s all real!
I visited Miramare Castle in Trieste a few years ago and as soon as I saw it, it was obvious to me I had to do a couple photography session there, this place is truly every couple and photographer’s dream and it’s full of surprises too as you’ll discover in a few lines!
Finally the moment has come, last week… it was a perfect spring day, I was lucky to photograph the most beautiful, newly engaged couple: Linda & Andrea!

Let me spend a couple of words on these two: the sweetest, cutest and funniest couple ever! Linda used to model in the past and she’s a natural in front of the camera, Andrea…let’s say he doesn’t love to be photographed but despite this, he did an amazing job dancing and running around following my tips!
As always when I photograph it’s more about walking, running and having fun than thinking about the photos!
We loved exploring the beautiful gardens in front of the castle, climbing the steps and trying to find intimate corners in the crowds of people who were visiting this amazing place!


We took photos on the pier with Miramare castle behind (probably one of the best views) and were very surprised to find a small sphinx there! We moved closer and found out it’d been “baptized” by seagulls!
“Poor sphinx” we thought “covered with” ….well you know…. we were truly feeling bad for the poor thing, when a man came to us and told us that it brings -especially to couples – bad luck to stare at the sphinx!!
We immediately ran away and all agreed that after all the seagulls had done an amazing job  ; )

By the way everywhere we turned we could see beautiful details so it was very hard to pick just a few places to take these shot (I could stay there forever!)! Have you ever been to this castle? What are your favourite spots?

Let me know in the comments!